Home Ownership Requirements

A potential Partner Family must...

  • be legal residents of the United States and of Glynn County for at least one year
  • not be able to acquire conventional home mortgage financing
  • live presently in overcrowded, unsafe, unsanitary or substandard shelter
  • have a steady income from either employment or benefits sufficient to meet the household’s expenses plus a monthly mortgage obligation and the household’s total income falls between low income limits based on the number of persons in the household
  • be willing to Partner with Habitat; including participating in the construction of your own house and others for a total minimum of 200 sweat equity hours (per adult in household), attend at least 10 hours of personal financial management classes
  • be willing to maintain your Habitat house in a fashion to reflect positively on Habitat for Humanity and to express your gratitude for the volunteers who help build your house
  • submit a signed application with requested information provided entirely and a photocopy of your most recent federal income tax return
  • agree to allow Habitat for Humanity to secure a criminal background check, a financial history and credit report and verify information you provide on your application
  • have a credit history free of bankruptcy, repossession and/or credit charge-offs for the past three years

For more information please call 912.265.7455. You may print the Information Request Form below or complete this form online by clicking HERE.